Soul Shaker Vol. 6

Oh, I get a kick out of RecordKicks!
I’m a big fan of dj Nick Recordkicks and have been checking on his label in Milan since day one.

In the words of Craig Charles: "RK is like a great wine, it gets better and better with every passing year. If you are wondering why there has been a renewed interest in soul & funk over the past few years then RK has to take some of the credit!"

I think the man has great taste when it comes to contemporary soul/funk/grooves/dancefloor jazz with a distinctive old-style feel and his “Let’s boogaloo” and “Soul Shaker” series have accounted for many hours of shameless, uncontrolled dancing frenzy (not just for me, obviously…).

So, there it is! The sixth installment in the “Soul Shaker” series has just been released! And it’s good, good thing. Get a taste from these three really big tracks until you get your hands on the real thing.

Spot On!

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