Utrus Horas

This is our first post for a multi-ethnic band such as Orchestra Baobab. The group played an Afro-Cuban-Caribbean fusion. Utrus Horas is our hit from "Pirates choice" which is probably their most famous album..Just put a cold drink and enjoy..

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Orchestra Baobab-Utrus Horas

The Nautilus Project

"In July of 2006, I was approached by people representing world renowned jazz keyboardist Bob James. They were working on putting together a project, to be called 'Sampling Bob James: The Nautilus Project', on which several DJ's and producers would present their take on one of the most sampled tracks in hip-hop history, 'Nautilus', from Bob James' 1974 album 'One'. To my delight, I was invited to be one of the contributors, but instead of sampling the original, I chose to 'cover' it and re-create the track from scratch.They really liked my version of 'Nautilus', but the project has remained unreleased. My version did end up online, by way of a viral video. Ever since, people have been asking me for a high quality version, so... here it is! Enjoy, and please... spread the word. You are more than welcome to share the link or the file itself.
Thank you for listening"

For the original one u can also check Naked Sides (cheers Mr.Z)

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Nicolay-Nautilus (Right Click,Download Linked File)

Come Closer..

Another post for a French beatmaker called Onra. If I was a porn-director (!) this song will be my "carpet" to all my horny scenes!? I love this slow burning tempo.. come closer baby!!

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UNKLE made this amazing track based on the documentary skate film 'Fully Flared' directed by Spike Jonze and Ty Evans. 

It's difficult to decide what's best; the music or the video for this song.

The directors re-edited a sequence of shots of the film that shows the Lakai skateboarding team demonstrating their considerable skills as they navigate through and around various exploding obstacles; While 'Heaven' fits perfectly as the background to the moving image...

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Back To Black (Herman's Bad Hair Day)

"You went back to what you knew so far removed
From all that we went through
And I tread a troubled track,my odds are stacked
 I'll go back to black"

I was looking so long for this track.. Written by Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson,this is a version from Herman Schwartz (..no Henrik) that sounds quiet good to my ears!

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I Can See..

Ok,just grab it..

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Holding Back (My Love)

In The End (I Want You To Cry) is the new Ep from Tensnake whose music is influenced by the early 80's Boogie and Italo Disco sound. Holding Back (My Love) is our favorite track, cause we like it's title and it's fresh and catchy rhythm.   

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Cloud One

Welcome to the New York synthesizer disco-funk!Produced by Patrick Adams this song released in 1976 and has been remixed and re-released numerous times since then..

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Cloud One-Atmosphere Strut


This one comes from the last "journey" single from Woolfy Vs. Projections and is called "Neeve".I think Neeve is (maybe) the best track from the recent album "The Astral Projections Of Starlight" and finally we have some great remixes to hear!Check "Permanent Vacation" "Tropical Heat" that gives an Africa-voodoo-groovy-disco sound to the original one!

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He came to protect you. 
He's growing every day. 
He's made out of mud and letters. 
He uses scissors to edit obscure tracks. 
No one, except his master, could destroy him... 
The time has come for the world to experience the power of the Golem
"Pyramide" is a re-edit of "Nisyan" by Ahmed Fakroun

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Wake Up!!!

This is a great song to start your day..

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"Lathos Bar"

We've got to get in to get out.....This song reminds me a bar called "Lathos"at Nafplio,Greece!

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It's A Beautiful Day

It's a Beautiful Day was a band formed on a beautiful day in San Francisco in 1967.Their debut album, the self-titled It's a Beautiful Day, was released in 1969. They were a bit of a latecomer in the psychedelic scene, often considered to be one of the "second wave" bands that emerged from the San Francisco Bay Area.All the credits for this song goes to my Mother that suggested this one track to me a long while ago..

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Love Story

Monsieur Minimal is an electronica music composer from Thessaloniki, Greece. He is under the recoding label The Sound Of Everything. A very promising and unique electronic label of Greece. His current releases can be found in the new compilation “City Campers” which is out by The Sound Of Everything."Love story" reminds me "forever j" and maybe this is the reason it's one of my favourite's..u can check his album "Lollipop" here

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Seen And No Seen

He would see faces in movies, on t.v., in magazines, and in books.... He thought that some of these faces might be right for him....and through the years, by keeping an ideal facial structure fixed in his mind....or somewhere in the back of his mind....that he might, by force of will, cause his face to approach those of his ideal....

The change would be very subtle....it might take ten years or so.... Gradually his face would change its shape....a more hooked nose... Wider, thinner lips....beady eyes....a larger forehead.

He imagined that this was an ability he shared with most other people....they had also molded their faced according to some ideal....maybe they imagined that their new face would better suit their personality....or maybe they imagined that their personality would be forced to change to fit the new appear-ance....this is why first impressions are often correct...

Although some people might have made mistakes....they may have arrived at an appearance that bears no relationship to them.... They may have picked an ideal appearance based on some childish whim, or momentary impulse....some may have gotten half-way there, and then changed their minds.

He wonders if he too might have made a similar mistake..

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Talking Heads-Seen And No Seen

And what about Rio?

And what about Rio??I think i need some vacations right now...Until then follow Azymuth....

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No Same?

"A Horse With No Name" is a song by the band America and their first single.It became their biggest hit single,topping the charts in the US and several other countries.It was certified gold by the RIAA,read more..

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40 Thieves

No they are not Ali Baba's 40 Thieves...Based out of San Francisco the 40 Thieves are a music collective,DJs and friends.Drawing on various superpowers the members combine forces to create their own brand of future/soul/dance songs..
This song is so boogieeeeeee..

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I'm on fire

"I'm on Fire" was recorded in February 1982 during the first wave of Born in the U.S.A sessions.The song peaked at No 6 on the Billboard hot 100 pop singles charts in early 1985.

Spot on Cousine Cole's remix..

Bruce Springsteen-I'm On Fire (Cousin Cole's Bad Desire Remix)

Your hand in mine

Your Hand In Mine consists of two students from Thessaloniki, Greece. Manos Milonakis plays wurlitzer piano, melodica, toy piano, and does the programming, while George Papadopoulos plays some guitar shaped toy synth, mandolin, glockenspiel hits random objects in his rythmic kit. The project came out from members of the post-rock band Shortcat in late 2006, giving them the opportunity to express their love to acoustic instruments, french folk songs and street musicians..

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Wild West

Who would think of sampling Patsy Cline's melancolic "Strange (She came along)" set it to dance beats and have Kid Cudi's rhyme along?No it's not Pilooski but Sharam one half of the Grammy-winning American dance production duo Deep Dish!This will be a massive hit this summer..

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