A Mountain Of One

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Shuggie Otis

Strawberry Letter 23 is a song written by Shuggie Otis, but I' sure that most of you know the version done by The Brothers Johnson when it was used in Quentin's Tarantino film Jackie Brown. Otis wrote this song for a girlfriend who used strawberry-scented paper when she wrote letters to him..how romantic : P

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Shuggie Otis - Strawberry Letter 23


"Listen to the silence, let it ring on.
Eyes, dark grey lenses frightened of the sun.
We would have a fine time living in the night,
Left to blind destruction,
Waiting for our sight..."

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Look what I found this morning in my bathroom..

I love his myspace profile, check it out and learn more about him here!

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Jon Lucien

One of our favorite tracks from the great Jon Lucien. "Listen love to the song I'm singing hopefully you have heard my every word.."

South Africa Man

Great spiritual groove from one of the leading figures in 70's disco music!This is voodoo-disco...F%^%$ I love this track..and his hair!!!

Bohannon - South Africa Man


We don't know a lot info about Yu, but we stuck with this track that appears in new Brownswood Bubblers Four, compiled by the "Master Guru" Gilles Peterson , just take a taste from this great compilation!

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Taliban Discotheque

Great re-edit..great cosmic mid-eastern groove...Get ready to dance like a Taliban!!!

Berlin Calling

Strange day today..I just saw a "bad" dream and I woke up like a crazy in a psychiatric clinic!! Then I remember that recently saw "Berlin Calling" with Paul Kalkbrenner.. I'm not a big fun of Techno music, but I'm sure that after this film I just stuck with this soundtrack..Fortunately this song change it all..and my bad dream of course ..

Who Is He ?

..and what is he to you ? What a lyrics ! Ok, so everybody knows Bill Wither's original version..Try now Henrik Schwarz's edit and you will burn your stereo!

Madonna's Heavy Love Affair

We just loved The Revenge Rework on Marvin Gaye "Heavy Love Affair" , it's an amazing rework! That's why we want it to make a small re-touch.
So, this is the first focanegra's music attempt..