Naked Sides Guest Mix

This is our first guest mix...
Mr.Z spin some great tunes around of this great choice!
GP be aware..

Naked Sides For Focanegra Mix

1.Emanative-We Travel The Spacebeats
2.Fat Freddys Drop-Boondigga
3.Jazzanova-I Can See(light end mr.z edit)
4.Mocky-Birds Of A Feather
5.Radiohead-All I Need
6.Ghost-Return Journey
7.The pharcyde-Runnin'
8.A Taste Of Honey- I Love You
9.Donald Byrd-You And The Music
11.The Jacksons-Show You The Way To Go
12.Idea 6-Mr.Gb
13.Jazztronik-For You
14.Lizzy parks-Leaving Home(acoustic)

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To The End..

Toi et moi, en plein amour, Peut?

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Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash or "the man in black" shows his dark convictions to this song... As he said "The song is the thing that matters. Before I can record, I have to hear it, sing it, and know that I can make it feel like my own, or it won't work. I worked on these song until I felt like they was my own"...Of course Mick Harvey and Nick Cave wrote that song..What a great cover..

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Johnny Cash-The Mercy Seat

Focanegra Mix No2

So we are here in the middle of this hot summer with our 2nd Focanegra Mix.More jazzy, soul,groovy this time, because we are in a mood..You can start listening this mix, drinking Apple Martini (cheers Mr.Z), but in the end we are sure that you'll finish with a bourbon..

Focanegra No2

1. Exodus / Eddie Harris

2. My Baby Just Cares For Me / Nina Simone

3. Waltz For Koop / Koop

4. The shadow of your smile / Astrud Gilberto

5. Nothern Sky / Nick Drake

6. Of Raymond / Lambchop

7. Too Bright / Rubies

8. So Sorry / Feist

9. Feel Like I Feel / Paul Bryan

10. Gentle Smiles (Saxy) DJ Day edit / Gary Bartz

11. Promise In Love / Dj Mitsu The Beats feat. Jose James

12. Maybe So, Maybe No / Mayer Hawthorne

13. Didnt I (Trishes Edit) / Darondo

14. Mercy, Mercy Me (The Ecology) / Marvin Gaye

15. Autumn Leaves / Cannonball Adderley

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Iggy Pop

Je m' appelle Iggy!
Just one month ago, Iggy Pop released his new album
“preliminaries” and as no one could ever expect is a jazzy album, inspired by the French novelist Michel Houellebecq. The biggest surprise comes when he sings in excellent french the song "les feuilles mortes", an old song performed previously by Yves Montand and Edith Piaf.
It's difficult even to imagine la persona of Iggy Pop singing jazzy songs without any loud guitars but his deep sweaty rock voice perfectly suits with this sweet nostalgic french song and the clarinet's sound. Of course live he still sings with his shirt off! No one could handle such a big change…

The visuals for the album were created by
Marjane Satrap, the French/Iranian graphic novelist and film director of Persepolis.

A chanté!!
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Bonus Track!

Tom Waits

A bloody, mysterious, creepy, dark, ugly song where Waits puts on his mask and turns into a grotesque beast. One of the best songs from the strangely wonderful album real gone.
At night I pray and clean my gun
the cracked bell rings as
the ghost bird sings and the gods
go begging here
so just open fire
as you hit the shore
all is fair in love
and war
Hoist that rag!

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Singer and songwriter, Lhasa's voice is like an exotic accident!?A mix of ranchera music, Eastern European gypsy music, country, but also so far from all the sound and fury of the modern music business. Lhasa has been quietly going about becoming one of the most fascinating songwriters of her generation..

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Lhasa-El Desierto

Roy Ayers

"If you believe in yourself you’ll know the real you It’s coming from within

Sincerely, sincerely..

You subject yourself to being vulnerable

Not knowing why you fall in love

And so you become What you are made to become It’s not at all fair that I feel as I do

Tell me something to make me feel better..."

Magazine Or Buzzcocks?

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Rennie Foster

"No Comment"
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