Uptown Funk Empire

Super powerful sunshiny disco-jazz cover of Pharoah Sanders' classic masterpiece "You've got to have freedom" by the Uptown Funk Empire, Bruno Hovart's (Metropolitan Jazz Affair, the Dynamics) latest project.
You've got to have it!

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Late Nite Tuff Guy

Repeat and repeat and repeat....all day!!!

Focanegra Mixtape 1 by Dj Vags

Welcome to Focanegra's mix tape series!

In this mix-tape Dj Vags from Plaidmusic spins some records from early 90's to future classic tracks. From Marvin Gaye and David Bowie to Fleetwood Mac and Frankie Knuckles.. You only have to take a quick look to his playlist and you'll understand everything!!!

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Focanegra Mix-Tape 1 by Dj Vags (Plaidmusic)

Favorite Flava

Ok, we are happy that we can re-post this Monster track, and this time with the permission from Favorite Flava especially for the Focanegra's music lovers.. Love & support the music u like..
Favorite Flavas work is groundbreaking, blending influences like Miles Davis, Detroit hip hop and the Nordic folk/jazz music tradition. Favorite Flava consists of two individuals: Erik L (Erik Lidén), producer and multi-instrumentalist, also involved in projects with artists like Frank n Dank, Kissey Asplund and Cerebral Vortex to name a few. Stray (Mattias Axelsson), drummer, producer and singer, has recently released his critically acclaimed album Here To Stray along with a 12” and 7” single. Erik L and Stray have received support from Gilles Peterson, Benji B, Mad Mats, Jazzy Jeff, Jay Scarlett and Dj Jamad to name a few. So if youre ready to challenge your perspective on the arts and music check out Favorite Flava. They will raise the hair on your skin..

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Buy Album: Juno

Vinyl Strikes Back

The Vinyl Factory Manufacture from thevinylfactory on Vimeo.

Nothing is better than a vinyl. It is small piece of art, it sounds different, it is more classic, we love the big artworks and of course you give a big respect when you go to a gig and see the dj spinning vinyl records! Vinyl Factory Manufacturing (Ex Portal Space Records) has established itself as a leading manufacturer of quality record pressings. The BBC has featured the Vinyl Factory Manufacturing (link 1), (link 2)


Formed in France in the early '70s, the Kongas boasted several members that would change the face of disco music, among them Don Ray and Cerrone. Tattoo Woman is from the group's second album called Africanism.

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Kongas - Tattoo Woman

Lucinda Slim

If you’ve ever been to a Friday deep funk night at Madame Jojo’s in Soho, you may have seen her spinning some dynamite vinyls along with Keb Darge and Andy Smith. More than a hot dj girl, Lucinda Slim (aka Nia Saw) has also been a vocalist at Zap Mama and a collaborator of the Haggis Horns and the Dap Kings. “All This Time”, her first solo recording on MPM, is a haunting old school soul tune produced by Belgian producer Krewcial and played by The Lone Stars. New tracks will soon follow...

p.s Watch the girl wake up in her LDN apartment to find a box of vinyls delivered to her door…

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Video directed by Bienvenido Cruz

Circlesquare’s new album is exactly what it says. Songs about dancing and drugs. He perfectly combines rock elements with minimalist electronica and meaningful lyrics with a deep clear voice that sometimes sounds like whispering. His new album from our favorite !K7 records is one of the best in 2009 and the single Dancers one of the highlights.

“Where the world is a better place, it’s a better place

Now that everybody started to dance

now we are all dancers..”

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Circlesquare - Dancers