Focanegra Mixtape 1 by Dj Vags

Welcome to Focanegra's mix tape series!

In this mix-tape Dj Vags from Plaidmusic spins some records from early 90's to future classic tracks. From Marvin Gaye and David Bowie to Fleetwood Mac and Frankie Knuckles.. You only have to take a quick look to his playlist and you'll understand everything!!!

Spot On!

Focanegra Mix-Tape 1 by Dj Vags (Plaidmusic)

4 σχόλια:

  1. kotey xtra band is a belter.. as is the keytronics..!! :)
    the jens lekman is a corker! :) loved that arthur russell cover he did..
    this a fine and dandy selection from our man in greece! :)
    can i do you a mixtape? ill even fix my decks :)

  2. will do :) i see you joined our yours collective blog check out my one one here


  3. can you make this available again?
    The divshare link doesn't work.