Focanegra (Laidback) Mix No1

This is our first mix for this blog..old and some fresh tunes mixed up together to a friendly mix-set, easy, cool, jazzy, hypnotic..We hope you will enjoy and relax with it!

1. Blinded By The Numbers Feat. Jose Gonzales/ Jori Hulkkonen 

2. All These Things / Kuniyuki Takahashi 

3. Finger Painting  / Part 

4. So Many Sounds / James Westin Group 

5. Riders On The Storm/Pink Solidism (Live)/ Yonderboi

6. Mongrel... / DJ Shadow 

7. Seize The Day / Wax Tailor 

8. The Sicilians / Bonobo 

9. Migraña / Fragil 

10. Hearts A Mess / Gotye 

11. Small2 (Vocal) / Serafim Tsotsonis

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Focanegra Mix No1

Sky's The Limit

 A standard bearer for what folks call ‘old school’ music, his work as an award-winning producer of such artists as Joss Stone, The Roots, Snoop Dogg, John Legend among many others and his own solo albums, the multi-talented Raphael Saadiq has kept the faith. “Every record I’ve ever made has had those influences…The Temptations, Al Green, The Four Tops..." You will touch your limit with this Yam Who (Unofficial) mix..

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Raphael Saadiq-Sky's The Limit (Yam Who Mix)

Safe In These Arms..

"Here in these arms
Our history began
Before there was you
There was thirst in my heart
Look at my lips, you will see
I have drunk from the river
That flows to the sea
Of our love
Safe in these arms,
That's where I want to be
Safe from the harm, in these arms
That's where I want to be
If I may die
Let it be here with you
For here with you
I shall surely be safe
Safe from the hate, from the lies
From the vultures of Christ
I need no Gods
I have no fears, I have you
Safe in these arms,
That's where I want to be
Safe from the harm, in these arms
That's where I want to be
Never let me, never let me
Say you'll never let me go
Say you'll never let me
Say you'll never let me go
Say you'll...
Take me in your arms
And say you'll never let me go
Take me in your arms and hold me
Say you'll never let me go"

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Gui Boratto

We don't usually make posts like this, but this is an exception..

Have a nice Weekend!!!

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Gui Boratto-No Turning Back (Original Mix)


No words for this monster track, i hope that you will enjoy and appreciate it...

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Paul Bryan

Inspired by the Beatles, and hits of the American Motown label, and artists such as Jackson, Diana Ross and the great Stevie Wonder, Paul Bryan made a great album called Listen Of. His Music can be considered as a very meaningful form of travel..

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Paul Bryan-Feel Like I Feel

Kevin Yost

 I can't imagine a world without the music and smooth of Kevin Yost.This track will drive you to a place that you've been before a lot of times..every time, every second every minute, every hour..and all comes back and again and again and again...

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Kevin Yost-So Far Away

Terre Thaemlitz

Producer, writer, public speaker, educator, audio mixer, dj and owner of the Comatonse Recordings, what else do you expect from Terre Thaemlitz ?

 This track, will make you to lay-down to your lovely sofa and travel into space... maybe one of our favourites afterhours themes. This is a perfect track to start or finish your dj-set.. This is a Madonna free zone..

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Terre Thaemlitz-Ball'r(Madonna-Free Zone)

Arabian Prince

In the late 70s a teenager named Kim Nazel was spinnin’ some of the most floorkilling records around at hi skool dances in Inglewood, Los Angeles making boys and girls go nuts! He soon listened to “Numbers” of Kraftwerk, he bought his first Roland TR-808 and named himself Arabian Prince. In 1988 Street Kut released Arabian Prince’s 12inch single titled “Situation hot”. The rest is simply history… Enjoy! 

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Arabian Prince-Situation Hot


Allez-Allez are Sam Willis and Steve Nolan.They are two of London's brightest and most talented up-and coming producers/Dj's.If you'll listen one of their sets you will find a mixture of music styles from minimal to industrial, from funky to house..

This edit will pop-up your day...

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Marvin Gaye-Got To Give It Up (Allez-Allez Edit)

Le Pamplemousse “Le Spank”

A few months ago I decided to make my diggin’ habits a little bit spicier by searching for records with tasty butts on their covers. So when I bumped into Le Pamplemousse 1977 album Le Spank for AVI there wasn’t any second thought. While looking at the back cover my surprise was growing bigger and bigger. Written, arranged and produced by les enfants terrible of disco scene, Laurin Rinder and Mike Lewis, with the addition of The Jones Girls on vocals Le Spank became an underground must have. Among the tracks of the album there was one of my favorites, the Roy Ayers inspired Get your boom boom (around the room room). Enjoy!

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Le Pamplemousse-Get Your Boom Boom (Around The Room Room)

My Baby...tou tourou tourou

This is the video of the day...enjoy!!!!

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Let's Drink!!

 "Hey mister bartender come here I want another drink and I want it now.My baby she gone, she been gone two night I ain't seen my baby since night before last One bourbon, one scotch, and one beer And then I sit there, gettin' high, mellow Knocked out, feeling good and by the time I looked on the wall at the old clock on the wall By that time, it was ten thirty daddy I looked down the bar, at the bartender He said, "Now what do you want Johnny?" One bourbon, one scotch, and one beer"
Ok after these lyrics i think i'm stoned..That's why i will post it with french lyrics so only the French guys get lyric-stoned!!!

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4 Hero

 And what about 4 Hero? Mark Clair and Dennis McFarlane,been around since the early 80's. As well as being recording artists, they also run the Reinforced Record label. As you already know, Paint It Black is a song recorded by the Rolling Stones in 1966 and it was ranked  #174 on Rolling Stone Magazine's list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All time. Sorry i couldn't find any info's about Africa but they sound so voodoo great!!If you know or found something please leave a comment and give us your "light"...Yo!!!!

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Africa-Paint It Black (4 Hero Mix)

Everybody Needs Somebody Sometimes

Back to 1981 ! This is a downtempo disco track from Ann-Marget for your summer ipod playlist, why ? Because everybody goes wild when July comes and forget about some basic stuff..So Hold Me, Squeeze Me because Everybody Needs Somebody Sometimes.

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 Formed in 1974 by Alain Mion and Alain Gandolfi, french jazz funk band Cortex soon turned to be a mythical combo mainly because of their debut album “Troupeau bleu” one year later under the label of Les Disques Esperance. In 1976 the band released a 7inch, which didn’t appear in any of their albums, for Esperance including two jams for which Alain Mion took over the vocal parts. I tracked the single in a dusty crate somewhere in Portugal a couple of years ago and since then Les oiseaux morts haunts me with its dark vocals, with its groovy synths and the dreamy sighs. Enjoy and keep on diggin’.

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Blister In The Sun

Nouvelle Vague strikes back with their third album "3" (with this great cover artwork) !!! Are you ready to remember great old songs such as Master And Servant (Depeche Mode),Road To Nowhere (Talking Heads) and of course Blister In The Sun (Violent Femmes) ?

..just take a pre-released taste with this..

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Nouvelle Vague-Blister In the Sun

Houses In Motion (Video)

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Let it...walk into space


 Taken from his third solo album called Earth (1973).Vangelis Papathanasiou give us some flash-forwards into New Age Music and the progressive rock of early ' 70s.Some years later Mo'horizons came with their first album Come Touch Then Sun to copy paste this track... Great soulmate!

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Nephews Of Phela

 If you didn't see Jim Jarmusch's Broken Flowers what the f@^#& are you doing to this blog? 

Anyway,grab this unofficial release from Nephews Of Phela.Is an rework of Mulatu Astatke- "Yegelle Tezeta" and come to the synch festival to dance with us to his ethiopian sounds!

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Battlehymn For Children

...and some pre-released stuff for Tensnake funs!
This is the track of the day..

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So Why So Sad ?

Love that lyrics...

Things get clear when I feel free

When whatevers next comes easily

When gentle hands give life to me

When your eyes fill with tiny tears

When Im this still you are my life

So at ease in the midnight sky

But my insides will look like war

My insides will look like war

Paralysed except through my thought

So why so sad

You live and you love

So why so sad

Dependent on above

Searching for the dead sea scrolls

So why, so why so sad

My smile as real as a hyenas

Burns an expressway to my skull

But Ill stick myself together again

Spirit so low that I no longer pretend..

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Manic Street Preachers-So Why So Sad (Avalanches Mix)


From Black Blood to Bananarama,A.I.E.O.A. has been covered so many times by so many artists that we ve lost counting.The song was released in 1971 under the french label Bitram.'Le Mond De Fabuleux Des Yamasuki' is the name of the record and the original copies are very rare.The record has been re-issued from the label finders keepers in 2005.Andy Votel says:'For those in need of epic,exotic,metronomic and dare to say proto-psychedelic-hip-hop that defies categorisation you need to look no further..,when it comes to music genres 'Yamasuki is a lonely record with attitude'.

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Casanova stole My Sister..

Casanova by Xaxakes and My Sister by Tindersticks could be “soul mates”. Yiannis Nastas (Xaxakes) and his bossa nova tunes reminded me of Tindersticks and their Second Album, where you can find My Sister. An amazing melody, that combines so many instruments… Of course, not everybody appreciate Tindersticks… During their last concert in Athens, the girl next to me fell asleep!

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