4 Hero

 And what about 4 Hero? Mark Clair and Dennis McFarlane,been around since the early 80's. As well as being recording artists, they also run the Reinforced Record label. As you already know, Paint It Black is a song recorded by the Rolling Stones in 1966 and it was ranked  #174 on Rolling Stone Magazine's list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All time. Sorry i couldn't find any info's about Africa but they sound so voodoo great!!If you know or found something please leave a comment and give us your "light"...Yo!!!!

Spot On!

Africa-Paint It Black (4 Hero Mix)

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  1. Africa are...Brice Coefield,Gary Pipkin,Chester Pipkin,Ed Wallace and Freddie Willis.This lp was released on ODE records in 1968,production by Lou Adler.Cheers