Focanegra (Laidback) Mix No1

This is our first mix for this blog..old and some fresh tunes mixed up together to a friendly mix-set, easy, cool, jazzy, hypnotic..We hope you will enjoy and relax with it!

1. Blinded By The Numbers Feat. Jose Gonzales/ Jori Hulkkonen 

2. All These Things / Kuniyuki Takahashi 

3. Finger Painting  / Part 

4. So Many Sounds / James Westin Group 

5. Riders On The Storm/Pink Solidism (Live)/ Yonderboi

6. Mongrel... / DJ Shadow 

7. Seize The Day / Wax Tailor 

8. The Sicilians / Bonobo 

9. Migraña / Fragil 

10. Hearts A Mess / Gotye 

11. Small2 (Vocal) / Serafim Tsotsonis

Spot On!

Focanegra Mix No1

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