Tom Waits

A bloody, mysterious, creepy, dark, ugly song where Waits puts on his mask and turns into a grotesque beast. One of the best songs from the strangely wonderful album real gone.
At night I pray and clean my gun
the cracked bell rings as
the ghost bird sings and the gods
go begging here
so just open fire
as you hit the shore
all is fair in love
and war
Hoist that rag!

Spot On!

3 σχόλια:

  1. Well we stick our fingers in
    The ground, heave and
    Turn the world around

    That's what we need now!!!


  2. Someone asked Tom
    ''which song will remain... even if the earth disappears from the universe???''

    Tom said : ''Happy Birthday''


  3. Well Stevie Wonder's version its ok for u?

    Great post guys!!!!