Wild West

Who would think of sampling Patsy Cline's melancolic "Strange (She came along)" set it to dance beats and have Kid Cudi's rhyme along?No it's not Pilooski but Sharam one half of the Grammy-winning American dance production duo Deep Dish!This will be a massive hit this summer..

Spot on the original..

Spot On the new one..

3 σχόλια:

  1. absolutely killer track...

  2. Kala alla kai to original ta spaei..polu atmosfaira apo ta palia.Mou erxetai ena paromoio apo Elvis alla to xanw..esena?

  3. axaxax ennoeitai pws to original ta spaeiiii!mourxetai alla den einai ena einai polla blepeis...exei ayto to arwma...