Dj Vadim Vs Paul McCartney & Wings

…your revolution will not happen between these thighs

your revolution will not be killing me softly, with Fugees

your revolution will not make you feel bombastic and really fantastic
your revolution makes me wonder, where could we go
if we could drop the empty pursuit of props and ego
we'd revolt back to our Roots, use a little Common Sense
on a quest to make love De La Soul, no pretense
because the real revolution, that's right I said the real revolution

you know I'm talking about the revolution
when it comes, it's gonna be real..

Brainy lyrics, uplifting rhythm and a powerful voice…

Spot On!

Dj Vadim feat. Sarah Jones - Your Revolution

It comes from the early 70's but it’s still irreplaceable. And will always activate your sentimental wheel if you let it roll in to you…

Spot On!

Paul McCartney & Wings - Let Me Roll It

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