Focanegra Mixtape 2 by El Jeffe

So, this is the 2nd Focanegra Mix Tape!

This time El Jeffe from Creamy Meat takes control with his fantasy selection, and we are sure that he will warm up your living area!


Jens Lekman - A Little Lost

Dan Mass - Sunday Drinking

Meanderthals - 1-800-288-Slam

Rocha - Hands Of Love (Gatto Fritto Mix)

Wendy & Lisa - Honeymoon Express

Topper Hedon - Du Cane Road

Linus Loves - Skagg

Crazy P - Lie Lost (Faulton Mix)

Future Perfect - Parmesan Helmet

I Level - In The River

Spot On!

Focanegra Mixtape No 2 (El Jeffe Loves Focanegra)

2 σχόλια:

  1. yeaaahhh, thanku senior jeffe.particularly liked the first 2 ones and crazy back and dig along :)

  2. hea thats a nice c90!! :)
    cheers for the props guys!
    much love x